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Donating is a simple way to make a BIG impact

Everyone deserves access to healthy food. COVID19 has disrupted millions of families as they make up for closures, loss of income, and uncertain job security. Food Connect has launched its Meals Initiative to support restaurant workers who want to re-open and make meals for the hungry. Food Connect will take care of matching, distribution, and logistics to ensure meals are distributed to the needy. We are operating 7 days a week and supporting hundreds of meal sites across the country.

Food Connect provides a collaboration platform for people and organizations to quickly plugin and increases access to food, offset food waste, and work together with other food rescue efforts to tag team donations. Our approach to food rescue has opened up possibilities for food access that have not been possible before. We are community partners that help more organizations gain access to healthy foods that are abundant in our communities.

Food Connect invites you to join the movement and help us distribute food to those most vulnerable in our communities. It takes less than $1 to support the cost of a meal, we are a 501c Nonprofit Organization. Your support will have an immediate impact because 100% of your donation will go directly towards connecting quality, delicious food to those who need it in your local community.

Why does donating matter?

Over 40% of our food, globally, is being wasted and 50 million tons of food in the US ends up in a landfill where it contributes to climate change. Food Waste presents a social paradox in our communities because while Americans waste more than $160 billion worth of food every year, millions face hunger every day and 1 in 8 Americans are food insecure. We are throwing food away despite the fact that, according to the Coalition Against Hunger, 90% of emergency food providers either ran out of food or were forced to provide less food at least once. Food Connect believes that the fundamental reason why food waste and hunger exist simultaneously in communities is largely due to a lack of real-time communication between networks. The result is that food surplus is thrown out rather than redistributed to those in need. Our model is designed to disrupt this pattern by making it a matter of seconds for people to quickly connect to a thriving network of those who want to donate food and those who need food.

Too many of our neighbors and fellow human beings have experienced a medical emergency, a recent job loss, challenging life situations, or major home or auto repair that makes it impossible to make ends meet, and feed themselves and their families on a consistent basis. Our model strengthens existing hunger relief networks by drastically increasing the amount of food rescued and delivering it to those in need. Due to our model, we have opened up accessibility in a way we’ve never seen before. Food pantries that have worked with us have reported an average savings of $450 a week, 95%+ reported an increased ability to provide a larger variety of healthy food, and 100% of our donations go to local organizations from where the food donation originated.

Your support helps us connect quality, delicious food to those who need it!


Food Connect is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization
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